About Mulberry Farm Produce

David and Liisa Wallace own Mulberry FarmWe bought the land in 2009 and moved here to raise our twin boys Robert and William, born in 2010. We are passionate about local food and sustainable agriculture, and want to grow wholesome food for our family and customers.

We chose water buffalo because a small family farm needs a niche product in order to make a living. Water buffalo are similar to cattle in their requirements, but not being highly bred tend to be healthier and live longer.  They also have more character and individuality, and are great fun!

Mulberry Farm - a beautiful place to raise water buffalo - and kids!Since moving to our farm we have removed all the dilapidated barbed wire fencing on the land and replaced it with new high quality high-tensile wire fencing, dividing the land in the process into 4-8 acre parcels to facilitate rotational grazing. Into each parcel we installed waterers. We took care to include natural shade in each field for the welfare of our livestock.

As part of our stewardship of the land we have protected the two beautiful streams that run through our property by fencing off and planting the stream banks. The majority of the fencing has been funded by CREP and EQUIP, two excellent programs for us.