About Our Water Buffalo

Feed & Supplements:
Our water buffalo are fed an all-natural, vegetarian diet of the highest quality feeds. They will never be fed animal or meat by-products including feather meal, poultry litter, or aquatic by-products.



Livestock Housing:
Our feeding facilities and pens are maintained to ensure the health and safety of our cattle. Our pens and shelters are designed to take into account the natural behavior of the animals and so as not to bring on unnecessary stress or to risk injury or the health of the animals.



Animal Welfare:
Our overriding objective is for cattle to be treated humanely. Whenever appropriate, they will be allowed to express their natural behavior. You may be horrified at some of the practices mentioned below that we exclude, but these are common in factory farming.




We use no growth hormones but instead promote natural growth by selecting sires from proven water buffalo strains for non-intensive rearing. Our water buffalo will never be given any added synthetic or natural form of growth hormones, steroids, or other artificial growth promoters. Specifically, they will never be given routine antibiotics as growth promoters. When an animal is sick, it is treated with the appropriate medications, including antibiotics if their use is necessary to return the animal to health.