Health Benefits

Health benefits of water buffalo meateat-mor-watrbufalo-mulberryfarmproduce

Grass fed water buffalo meat contains significantly less fat than beef or other domesticated meats, less saturated fat and more Omega-3’s and iron.

In fact, the USDA foods database shows that water buffalo has even less cholesterol than skinless chicken breast!

Summary of food values per 100g meat:

Cooked meat Cholesterol (mg/100 g) Total Saturated Fat (g/100 g) Total Lipid Fat (g/100 g)
Water Buffalo (roasted) 61 0.60 1.80
Bison (roasted) 82 0.91 2.42
Ground Beef (70% lean, broiled) 82 7.33 18.21
Deer (roasted) 112 1.25 3.19
Chicken breast (roasted, meat only) 75 1.08 4.07
Turkey White (roasted) 69 1.03 3.22
Turkey Dark (roasted) 85 2.42 7.22

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

USDA nutrients database

Health benefits of water buffalo milk and dairy products

Some individuals with milk intolerance have found water buffalo milk to be an excellent alternative. Here’s why:

“The Science”:

The milk protein beta casein comes in two forms, A1 and A2, which differ only by one amino acid. Lactose intolerant individuals usually react to A1, but not A2 casein.

  • A2 milk is milk produced from A2 cows which contains the protein A2 beta casein. It differs from that of A1 beta casein which is produced by the A1 cows in that A2 has been scientifically identified as containing the original form of beta casein produced by cows thousands of years ago.
  • A number of traditional breeds of cattle have been identified as producing A2 milk. These include zebu, a native Asian cattle, as well as closely related cattle including water buffalo and yak
  • A1 milk is commonly found in many dairy cows and is believed to have developed through genetic mutation over time and spread throughout herds in Europe.
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