Our Background

Liisa Wallace
An MBA graduate who specialized in purchasing account management in major blue chip companies before building 5 small businesses from the ground up spanning import and export, in-store retail sales, online sales, hotel and catering and directly delivered adventure sport. She has a family background in arable and beef farming in the UK.

David Wallacedavid
Manufacturing specialist with a postgraduate manufacturing management diploma who specialized in change management programs within major blue chip companies, before building his own business within the leisure industry. An expert in process flow and system development. With an early engineering background David is able to build, operate, maintain and repair almost all the farm equipment. Both are competent in computer design and web site building as well as understanding and able to implement current SEO requirements within the source code. They also own and manage commercial web servers so are able to implement ideas quickly without outside assistance.

Robert and William Wallace
At 6 years old, both are keen on spending time outdoors and looking after the buffalo. They regularly “help” with the animal feeding regime on the farm and enjoy driving tractors. Robert is developing strong OCD traits and will no doubt assist in keeping everything orderly and in its right place whilst William is talking to (at) the Buffalo and may well develop into a natural herdsman.